Water Board Billing And Collection Software

One of the lifelines of a city or town is an uninterrupted and dependable water supply. While this is any civic body's prime responsibility, it is also their worst nightmare, considering that if the system were to fail, not only would they lose face but also face revenue losses.

The utility companies, either government managed or a private enterprise, need to control the water supply as well as monitor the necessary meter readings, water supply billings and collections from numerous customers across entire cities. To enable the utility service company to carry out these functions as smoothly as their supply of water, Ember assisted on this landmark project and played an important part in ensuring that it was successful.


  • Customers' and meter information storing
  • Meter reading entries
  • Billings to the customer, based on meter readings
  • Collection counter activities
  • Customer complaints and subsequent Inquiry
  • Data reporting to head office

Our Role

A detailed study of existing software in flex, enhancements study, development and documentation was undertaken and completed to the out-sourcing company's delight.


FoxPro as database and the language


This project was sub-contracted to Ember by an Australian software company, which would like to maintain anonymity.