Trading Company Automation System

In a traditional business channel, a trading company is one that purchases goods from manufacturing companies and stocks them to sell later to retailers like shops, supermarkets and malls. While carrying out these functions of buying, stocking and selling goods, the trading company needs to ensure that certain functions are carried out flawlessly. These critical functions include purchases, inventory, sales billings, returns, payment collections and reporting of sales and market information to the product manufacturing company.

Ember has developed the Trading Company Automation system for trading companies that are looking for an able system support to perform their processes smoothly.


  • Purchases
  • Purchase returns
  • Inventory management
  • Order bookings
  • Sales billings
  • Customer receivables management
  • Sales Returns
  • General Financial Accounting

Our Role

Ember undertook an end-to-end study of the business operation, successfully re-engineered the existing business process along with customization, implementation and user training.


Visual FoxPro as that database and the front end.


Alwarsee Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Usha Agencies