Surcharge Management System For Credit Card

In the credit card operations for certain transactions such as cash advance surcharges are leveled by the billing system directly. There can be some transactions where the present system may not support leaving surcharge; however, the bank may like to add it in the client billing. One such requirement was provision to add of surcharge for petrol transactions carried out through HSBC credit card in India.

The Ember Surcharge Management system was developed for this particular need. The system has taken care of various intricacies associated with such transactions.


  • Bin Maintenance
  • Defines Surcharge types and values
  • Uploads of Credit Card files from Visa and Master
  • Processing Transactions for surcharge
  • Generate surcharge transactions
  • System Administrative functions
  • Reports

Our Role

We were involved in understanding the INET and VISA file formats, system development, and user training for this project.


Client / Server Architecture is used with tools like MS Access as the backend database, Visual Basic as the Front end and Crystal report as the report writer.


Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC) - Mumbai - India