Premises & Equipment Management Software

Ember's Premises and Equipment management software is designed to take care of general administrative functions, especially for the banking sector. This includes areas like premises and equipments, telephones, vendor payments, etc. The accounting functions such as various purchases, payments, TDS are also an integral part of the system.

This system is built to benefit the organization to a great extent in tracking relevant expenditures, maintaining budget controls and avoiding duplication.


  • Registering of purchases, sale and disposal of assets
  • Provisions for depreciation of assets
  • Allotments of Quarters and tracking of Rent recovery
  • Order bookings, payments
  • TDS deductions, consolidation and payments
  • Monitoring Telephone related expenses including payments of rental and charges
  • Tracking of various statutory payments for bank's premises
  • Generation of various reports for statutory, accounting, MIS and DSS requirements

Our Role

We were involved in complete system study, development, implementation and user training in this project.


Client / Server Architecture is used with tools like MS SQL server as the backend database, Visual Basic as the Front end and Crystal report as the report writer.


Bank of Baroda - Mumbai - India