Order Processing, Payment Tracking System

The Information Technology department of IT intensive organizations deal with many vendors, product purchases running parallel at the same time. As IT based companies, they are required to constantly monitor Work In Progress, project completions, product deliveries and also payments according to purchase orders.

To enable the order processing and tracking of the payments, vendor and product/ project wise, Ember has developed the Order Processing, Payment tracking software.


  • Order processing through the system capturing sanction details, deliverables,locations, prices and terms and conditions of payment
  • Tracking of each order for deliveries and release of payments
  • Automatic generation of payment requests to departments of Accounts
  • Tracking of each payment made and linking it to respective orders and deliveries

Our Role

Ember was involved in a complete system study, development, implementation and user training in this project.


Client / Server Architecture is used with tools like MS SQL server as the backend database, Visual Basic as the Front end and Crystal report as the report writer.


AXIS Bank Ltd, Mumbai, India