Management And IT Consulting

Product and process consultancy has been part and parcel of Ember’s implementation process. While developing/ implementing software, Ember has always endeavored to provide the best of processes and also tries and reinvents them once in a while to gain a whole new perspective to solving a business system issue. In this manner, all Ember’s clients have immensely benefited by having processes re-engineered in a way that gets them maximum efficiency as well as the best value for their money.

IT Road Map For Arab Bangladesh Bank


Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd. approached Ember Technologies to conduct an IT study with an objective to cover various computer related issues with regard to bank processes. The objective of the study was to synchronize business objectives with necessary IT intervention in the required areas. While considering the options, it was vividly understood that a full-blooded endeavor would be made to optimize the utilization of existing investments and available IT resources. Only if the need arose, would there be a move to consider the need for further investment in alternatives available in the market.

With these objectives in mind, the IT study was conducted and to facilitate the process, a lot of initial spadework was done. The initial spadework consisted of an extensive coverage and understanding of the bank’s existing banking software and incorporated a comprehensive interaction with the bank’s IT personnel, system users and external vendors.

Method Of Study

The study was segregated into three parts:

To obtain a consensus in prioritizing IT initiatives. This was done with the help of a structured questionnaire sent out from India before the start of the study. The priorities were enlisted as

  1. Important and urgent
  2. Important and not urgent
  3. Not a priority
To study the existing IT infrastructure with regard to the hardware, software and people resources as well as to ascertain the availability of additional resources from reliable vendors and service providers.

To interact with the various sections of the Bank to ascertain any further need and scope for IT initiatives to help the effective management of various departments.

Coverage Of The Report

The study was successfully completed with Ember’s recommendations on the various priorities set by the Bank and the relevant new products and services that could be introduced to augment the system. This report enabled the Bank to chalk out in detail, their future IT strategies and served as a handy and reliable IT road map, along whose lines they could measure their growth departments.