Government Of India Relief Bonds System

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has identified some banks for carrying out RBI Relief Bond issue related activities. The identified banks are required to issue bonds, maintain bond ledger accounts, pay regular interest and make necessary claims from the RBI.

To facilitate the carrying out of the above transactions at branch levels as well as at the link office level of the Bank, Ember has developed the Relief Bonds System software. This software is designed to take care of all the functions of RBI relief bond related activities and comes loaded with features to do the same.


  • Capturing applicant details including nominations
  • Issuances of counter receipts
  • Capturing clearing details
  • Creating and updating bond ledger accounts and printing certificates of investments and holdings
  • Transfer of funds to CAS RBI, Nagpur, through the bank's link offices
  • Calculations of interests, payments and claims of interest from CAS RBI
  • Creating interest transactions as flat files for uploading to the banking system for direct credit to accounts of holder or for printing pay orders
  • ECS Clearings
  • Transfers of bonds from one branch/bank to the other
  • Brokerage payments and claims from RBI
  • Calculations and claims of various revenues from RBI
  • Capturing credit sanction details against bonds with provisions for lien markings/transfers in favor of the bank
  • Various MIS reports from the system
NOTE : This software is available as a stand-alone system to work independently at different branches. A central solution with browser based front end is also available.

Our Role

Ember was involved in a complete system study, development, implementation and user training in this project.


Web front end using ASP, JavaScript with middle-tier COM component for data access and validation with MS SQL server as the database


AXIS Bank Ltd, Mumbai, India
IDBI Bank Ltd., Mumbai, India