Futures And Options Back-Office System

In India, the Derivative segment in the capital market has been introduced in both, the BSE and NSE exchanges. In this segment, the bank can act as a Clearing Member on behalf of the trading members, for the trades and obligations undertaken by them. As a Clearing Member, the bank is allowed to take collaterals from trading members and set limits for individual trading members based on the bank's risk perception.

To enable the bank to take care of their daily back office activities, Ember has developed the Future and Options Back-office software.


  • Trading Members' account maintenance
  • Entry of fixed deposits, bank guarantees and shares
  • Release of fixed deposits, bank guarantees and shares
  • Passing capital to NSE in the form of fixed deposits, bank guarantees and shares
  • Releasing capital from NSE
  • Entry and valuation of shares transferred by Trading Members for the purpose of capital or margins
  • Daily Margin file uploads
  • Calculations of Exposure
  • Generating upload files for banking software
  • Daily trade transaction file uploads
  • Billings based on the trade volumes
  • Bank Guarantee Management modules
  • System Administrative functions
  • Reports

Our Role

Ember was involved in a complete system study, development, implementation and user training in this project.


Client / Server Architecture is used with tools like MS SQL server as the backend database, Visual Basic as the Front end and Crystal report as the report writer.


AXIS Bank Ltd. Mumbai, India