Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) And Multiple Bank Clearing System

The Bombay Stock Exchange has partnered with many banks in view of the fund settlement mechanism in Capital Markets. Trading members pay-in and payout obligations are settled on daily basis through the interface software that acts as the go-between the very different banking software and the BSE system.

This method of settlement helps the trading members transact and exchange, to settle their accounts without any clearing delay. This helps in immediate transaction recordings and thus helps the system stay up-to-date.


  • Transaction file uploads from BSE
  • Trail Runs to check the settlements and shortages
  • Final Runs to debit trading members' account in the banking software
  • Return transaction files with amounts debited and shortages
  • System Administrative functions
  • Reports

Our Role

We were involved in the complete system study, development, implementation and user training in this project.


Client / Server Architecture is used with tools like MS SQL server as the backend database, Visual Basic as the Front end and Crystal report as the report writer.


AXIS Bank Ltd. Mumbai, India